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Somerset LNP is an organisation that supports its network to deliver projects and initiatives that place nature at the heart of decision-making and help communities and individuals forge better connections with the natural environment. Below are just some of the projects the partnership has supported or been involved in. 

This strategy has been co-created with the help of many partners in the LNP and is a fundamental document in the counties journey to net-zero carbon and a restored natural world.

Brings together those that make a living from peat, farms on peat, conserves and restores peat or manages peat lands in Somerset and North Somerset whether on Exmoor or the Levels and Moors with the aims of retaining the peat that remains, preserving the remaining peat safely and restoring the peat wherever possible.

For more peat information, please click here

Watch this video to learn more about Somerset peat:

Somerset Nature Officers Group

This group provides technical guidance and expertise to inform and support the LNP and the wider Forum and takes forward priority initiatives.

LNRS image.png

The LNRS is a new spatial strategy for natures restoration outlined in the Environment Act 2021. The lead authority is Somerset Council but Somerset LNP is undertaking the work which involves agreeing restoration priorities, mapping existing habitat and potential improvements. Please click here

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Tree Strategy

Created in 2023 this is a Somerset strategy to help trees be a thriving part of our landscape, ecology and society. It was created via the LNP and will help the county achieve its woodland targets over the next ten years.


The Somerset Coast, Levels and Moors Nature Recovery Project is a partnership of nine organisations, working together to recover nature across 41,000 hectares of the Somerset Levels and Moors landscape. 

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